# Who am I?

# The beginning

Hello world! I'm Renato, a Senior Software Engineer with a passion for creating innovative solutions using code. I've been in the professional realm for the past 9 years, out of which a solid 8.5 years have been spent embracing the flexibility and dynamism of remote work.

Ever since I unexpectedly stumbled upon programming at the tender age of 14 (30 now) through an innocent 'inspect element' curiosity, I have been relentless in my pursuit of mastering this craft. It all started as a fascination with HTML, CSS, Pascal, and Visual Basic. Today, it has evolved into a deep-seated expertise in PHP and JavaScript. With each line of code I write, I continue the journey that started nearly half my life ago and the adventure hasn't lost its thrill. I look forward to bringing this passion and dedication to your projects, pushing the boundaries of what's possible, one line of code at a time.

# Today

In the present day, I continue my professional journey as a remote software engineer. Yet, my passion for technology doesn't end with my 9-to-5 job. In my spare time, I breathe life into a variety of side projects, fueling my desire for continuous learning and creativity.

In addition to my software engineering work, I've dipped my toes in the entrepreneurial pool, having founded three startups. While these initial ventures had their challenges, they were invaluable learning experiences that shaped me both personally and professionally.

Currently, I'm involved in three additional ventures, two of which are experiencing considerable success. It's worth noting that my startup endeavors have not only tested my programming skills but also honed my abilities in various managerial roles. I've worn the hats of a CEO, CTO, and even Human Resources, handling the challenges that come with each role with resilience and adaptability.

So, if you're seeking someone who can not only code but also manage and lead your team, look no further. Armed with a diverse skillset, I bring a unique blend of technical proficiency and leadership acumen to the table, ready to help your team thrive. Here's to future collaborations where we can inspire, innovate, and succeed together.

# Open source v1

Delving deeper into my journey, I pride myself on being more than a mere participant in the programming realm. I see myself as a leader and a guide, sharing the wisdom I've acquired over the years with a growing community of eager learners.

My enthusiasm for teaching was first channeled into the digital sphere on Sep 30, 2013, when I uploaded my inaugural tutorial on YouTube - an in-depth series on crafting the most advanced web browser using VB.Net. As much as I squirm looking back at my early foray into online tutoring, I can't help but recognize the leaps and bounds I've made since those initial, somewhat cringy, videos.

Fast-forward to now, and my [YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/c/ScreenCastsDev is a vibrant repository of knowledge on a myriad of topics. It boasts extensive courses on Test-Driven Development (TDD), API development, Laravel, VueJS, and the intricacies of Design Patterns in PHP, among others. With each video, I aim to disseminate the essence of my experience and contribute to the growth of both seasoned and budding coders alike. Let's keep the flame of learning alive, one tutorial at a time.

# Open source v2

My latest ongoing project captures the essence of my journey as an open-source advocate. Currently, I am spearheading an extensive course titled Create a PHP Framework from Scratch. While the video series is still a work in progress, the vibrant source code is readily available, complete with comprehensive documentation to guide your exploration.

A glance at the documentation will reveal that this is not your average one-hour, basic framework. On the contrary, it's a robust, fully functional framework armed with features rivalling the industry's best. It showcases an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) system, migrations, routing mechanisms, observers, and sophisticated validation rules. Furthermore, it includes API resources, a template engine, a dependency container, commands, middlewares, and much more.

This project embodies my ethos of creating not just functional, but advanced, well-structured code that empowers other developers. By sharing these resources, I aspire to contribute to a community where knowledge is free, code is collaborative, and innovation knows no bounds. I invite you to explore, engage, and contribute to this open-source endeavor, and together we can advance the world of programming.

Docs for Teodora

GitHub Teodora acts as https://github.com/laravel/laravel

GitHub Tea act as https://github.com/laravel/framework

# Blogging

I also love writing on programming topics. I used to write on Medium. Currently, I have more than 200.000 views on all my posts. However, now I write everything on my blog.

# Contact

Renato Hysa

Email: renato@hysa.dev

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